Ameri-Clean Commercial Inc.

About Us

Ameri-Clean Commercial was founded in 1993 by Edward M. Samson. We have a winning staff of dedicated employees who take pride in their work.

Our company is committed to complying with state and federal employment regulations. All of our employees are on payroll and we contribute to Social Security, Medicare, and Workers' Compensation plans.

Some of our competitors illegally pay their employees as independent contractors, thus evading payroll taxes. In addition to depriving  our communities of tax revenue, their customers are exposed to liability in the event of an injury due to lack of insurance.

If one of our competitors is priced unreasonably low, it is probably because they are performing "under the table."
Ameri-Clean Commercial is a member of the Northbrook Chamber of Commerce, the DBR Chamber of Commerce, and the Cleaning Management Institute. We abide by the ethics of the Building Service Contractors Association International and the carpet cleaning standards of the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.